The last week…

Play Food Lollipops Craft for Kids

Everyone wants a sweet treat after dinner, even if it’s for an imaginary meal! Get the tutorial on how to make these old-school treats reimagined as toys.

What’s New in the Craft Studio


After a great birthday and some fantastic sales at some well-known craft stores, I’ve added some great new craft tools to my studio’s arsenal. Take a look. (more…)

Paper Source’s Crafter’s Night Out: Flea Market Style


It was all about thrifting and antiquing during Paper Source’s most recent Crafter’s Night Out. This workshop’s theme was Flea Market Style, so our projects were all inspired by fantastic finds from local flea markets. Just like our Dive Into Indigo workshop, fun-to-make cards were paired with some other DIY projects that didn’t involve paper greetings. (more…)

We All Scream for Uber Ice Cream


It’s a bit of a joke that our local ice cream truck has a slightly creepy vibe to it. The people who run it are wonderful, but the ice cream mix tape they play has definitely worn out and ranks high on the “oh my…” creepy scale. Luckily Uber Detroit was here to save the day last Friday with ice cream on demand.


As part of the celebration of National Ice Cream Day, Uber had on-demand ice cream available in markets across the country. Luckily Detroit was one of them and even luckier Royal Oak was on the list for local delivery. I waited and waited and waited hoping that the ice cream delivery would be available in Royal Oak. It took a while as the service was super popular, but eventually a shiny red car pulled up in our driveway with a cooler full of delicious Treat Dreams ice cream.

Not much of a crafty update, but an awesome update nonetheless.

Beach Towel and Picnic Blanket Caddy Craft

Looking for an easy, compact way to tote those summer necessities? You’re in luck! This simple sewing project makes carting your fabric accessories a breeze.

How-To: Paper Scrap Gift Tags


If you’ve got a paper stash filled with odd sizes and cool patterns, you can create a stack of paper scrap gift tags. My inspiration came from pieces of Paper Source’s records wrapping paper that I could never throw away after using. My fellow Handmade Detroiter, and record crafter, Beth had a birthday coming up, so I knew just exactly how to put those record paper pieces to work. (more…)

Fun on the Fourth


The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Selfishly my birthday is two days after, but I love wearing red, white and blue; decorating anything I can get my hands on with stars; enjoying local parades; sitting back and taking in some fireworks as patriotic marches set the soundtrack.

We tend to host family and friends for a barbecue on the Fourth the past few years and this year was no different. While our menu wasn’t as grand as it had been due to our deck renovation project, we still had a great time. (more…)

Craft Roundup: Fun Summer Projects for Kids

Beat vacation boredom with these four cool ideas from blogs, including Popsicle holders, printable sewing cards, jellyfish handprint bookmarks and more.