Last-Minute Crafty Kit Gifts for Christmas


Today my inbox was full of great ideas for last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the craft lover in your life. So many fantastic options! If you’re hoping to snag a Christmas gift with a crafty theme, check out this roundup of some of my favorite kits. EDITOR’S NOTE! When ordering make sure you check the retailer’s shipping policies and availability to get the present to you in time for Christmas! (EEK!)


Purl Soho’s Classic Friendship Bracelet Kit: $27.50
It looks like these are going fast! I love the idea of taking time out to make a few friendship bracelets during a craft night with friends. I may or may not have picked up one of these kits for myself as soon as I saw that they were available…!


Purl Soho’s Winter Wreath Kit: $98
This kit is drool-worthy and perfect for coming off of post-Christmas crafting.


Paper Source’s Succulent Wreath Kit: $22.95
By far my favorite wreath that I put together this year! It’s trendy with its succulent theme and just challenging enough that the seasoned crafter will enjoy the time spent creating it.


MADE Floral Workshop Gift Cards: Email for price
I really loved learning about flower arranging and care this year. MADE Floral is already looking ahead to 2015 and encouraging DIY lovers to sign up for classes as soon as they’re posted!

Review: ScentSicles Scented Ornaments


As the holiday season was about to get underway I received an email asking me if I’d be interested in giving ScentSicles a try. Definitely curious and a hint skeptical, I said yes. Not long after that a box filled with all sorts of holiday goodies, and nods to cute lumberjacks, arrived on my porch. Ever since then I’ve had ScentSicles stashed around my house and office and I’m pleased to report that I’m a fan. If you picked up your Christmas tree or Christmas greens this week, you need to pick up a jar of ScentSicles to take the “Christmas smell” officially over the top.

Photo courtesy of ScentSicles.

Photo courtesy of ScentSicles.

My favorite ScentSicles offering has to be the scented ornaments. You’ve probably seen these jars of potpourri-like sticks at stores like Michaels and Joann Fabrics & Crafts. The scents range from cinnamon to evergreen. Each jar has six sticks along with ornament hooks.


The ornaments blend into your tree so that all you notice is the aroma. Since I have a cat who adores anything found in nature, a real Christmas tree isn’t possible in our house. Luckily these scented ornaments added a great touch of Christmas scent that made the tree feel more authentic.

15682006239_1bd05ab60e_z (1)

I gave some of the other jars I received to family and friends whose Christmas decorations were affected by the floods in Detroit this past summer. With trees smelling musty, the ScentSicles helped immensely.

Photo via ScentSicles.

Photo via ScentSicles.

I’ve also been enjoying a dose of Christmas in my car thanks to the AutoSticks in Fir. You can hang the stick from your mirror or use the provided red sachet to store the stick under your seat or somewhere else out of sight.

Photo via ScentSicles

Photo via ScentSicles

ScentSicles aren’t just for trees. The smaller Sprigs are meant for wreaths and centerpieces. Again, the green color makes the sticks blend into the background so that the aroma takes center stage.

If you’re putting the finishing touches on your holiday decorations this week, definitely consider adding some ScentSicles. If you love the scents and aromas associated with Christmas, ScentSicles won’t let you down.

Disclaimer: I was sent a promotional set of products for consideration on my blog. I was not paid for my opinions.

Paper Source Holiday Contest Card Entry


Today’s the big day! Today’s the last day you can enter Paper Source’s Holiday Contest for a chance to win one of several prizes. Of course, I’m entering right at the last minute because this year’s crafty season has been BUSY.


For the contest, all the card-making supplies need to have been purchased at Paper Source. Considering my craft studio looks like a mini Paper Source these days, that was no problem for me! My entry has a holiday paper chain theme. I made small, individual paper chains to mimic the wrapping paper design. While I wouldn’t mail this card, given the dimensional chains, I would put it an oversized envelope to present to the recipient in person, which is what I did. I made an envelope one size larger (A7 for and A6 card) so as not to crush the decorations.


Here’s what I used to construct my card.

You’ve got until 11:59 pm CST this evening to enter your masterpiece. Look for #PaperSourceHolidayContest to see this year’s entries online. And don’t forget to keep an eye on upcoming workshops at your local Paper Source. Why? BECAUSE VALENTINE’S DAY IS ON THE WAY!