$1 Michaels Thanksgiving DIY Kit Makeover

Turkey Necklace Upgrade

Thanksgiving is this week and I’ll be seeing all of my nephews in just a matter of days. I’ve got a few DIY projects ready to go as we wait for Turkey Time on Thursday – what do you like to do during Thanksgiving as you wait for the big meal?


I found these inexpensive necklace kits at Michaels a few weeks back. At $1 each they’re not very fancy, but for a quick DIY project on Thanksgiving they’ll definitely work for my two oldest nephews. Just because they didn’t cost very much doesn’t mean they have to look like it, either. If you like to hit up the dollar section at your favorite store, a quick packaging makeover can help a lot of products like this!


I put the beads into a fresh cellophane bag and swapped the elastic cord for some baker’s twine. I added a colorful card stock top to the bag, paired with a Paper Source chalkboard “Happy Thanksgiving” sticker. With the back of the card stock blank you can add the child’s name or write a holiday message. Overall it took just a few minutes to repackage the kits.

With the Thanksgiving crafts ready, now it’s time to focus on important things like actually MAKING the dinner…