Project: Duck Tape Coffee Cup Sleeve

Last month I was lucky enough to lead a crafting session at the Henry Ford’s all-staff training day. We created projects made with Duck Brand duct tape – a coffee cup sleeve and a trinket box for their offices. It was great to see how many folks were so excited to work with duct tape – I was very impressed at how quickly they created great-looking projects!

Here’s the coffee cup sleeve we made. You can make this with your favorite color or pattern of duct tape. I used Duck Brand which I was able to purchase at Michaels – lots of patterns available.

Duct tape – you can use the same color/pattern or mix it up!
Coffee cup sleeve template – found here coffee_sleeve_template

Start out by ripping off four 11-inch strips of tape. Place one sticky side up and place a second on top with a quarter-inch overlap.

Next, place your third strip of tape on top of the overlapped piece you just created.

Place your last strip on the piece, once again overlapping by a quarter-inch.

Now you’re ready to cut out the sleeve. With your template trace the template onto the duct tape piece you created. Cut out the sleeve.

Fold each end, at the 2-inch mark, in toward the center. Rip a small piece of tape and secure close. You’re all set!