April 27’s Posts I’m in Love With

Last night I was up late doing some research for upcoming blog posts and projects. I finally got ALMOST caught up on my Google reader feeds and I’m so glad I did. I think I must have bookmarked at least a dozen blog posts thinking, “DANG!” Check out some of these great posts showing off smart ideas and wonderful news announcements.

Fabric Chain Garland
Remember my fabric chain garland I made for Craft last year? Check out this variation from Sew to Speak.

Aneela Hoey Hot Pads
Oh geez – these are the sweetest things I’ve seen all week!

Moda – Simply Color
My jaw dropped when I saw these scrumptious new jelly roles from Vanessa Christenson. Check out the rolls – they’re ombre strips! ::swoon::

Official Bride Kit
What a great idea! I should have known, it’s from Oh Happy Day.

New Summersville Fabric
Greek Isles? Exactly! I love this beautiful quilt made by Film in the Fridge.