Project: Yo-Yo Wrist Corsage

Did you see me on Fox 2 yesterday showing off some of the corsages will be handing out at Craft Revival tomorrow? It was a lot of fun showing Kam Carmen how to do some basic hand sewing with Clover’s assortment of yo-yo makers. The whole Handmade Detroit gang will be compiling tutorials on each of the projects they made – here’s mine, just in time for Mother’s Day.

I have a big yo-yo collection after working on them in the car, watching TV, you name it. When we thought about quick corsages, this idea seemed perfect – load ‘em up, add some ribbon… BAM! Corsage!


  • Fabrics of your choice – two colors
  • Jumbo Yo-Yo Maker
  • Large Yo-Yo Maker (you can add whichever size you like!)
  • Ribbon
  • Needle
  • Quilting thread
  • Aleene’s Peel & Stick Tape
  • Ruler

A yo-yo turned into a small pin for Nick's grandma this Mother's Day.

Do you know how to make a fabric yo-yo? If you do, skip ahead! If you’ve never tried it, don’t worry – it’s VERY easy. Check out my yo-yo tutorial for Metro Parent. You’ll get all the photos and steps you need to make these simple fabric goodies.

Make one jumbo yo-yo and one large yo-yo. When the two are done, simply cut a small piece of the Peel & Stick Tape and adhere to the back of the large yo-yo. This tape is sticky, waterproof, and permanent – perfect! Press in place and then remove the tape backing. Position this yo-yo on the jumbo yo-yo and scrunch into place. TIP: As you’re creating the yo-yo sandwich, be gentle. You don’t want to pop the the knot on either of the yo-yo. Trust me, I did that the first few times I tried this…

For the ribbon, I used a 27-inch piece. Cut a larger piece of tape and adhere to the back of the jumbo yo-yo. Again, press into place and remove the paper backing. Find the center of the ribbon and place on top of the tape. Being gentle, press the ribbon against the tape to create the seal.

Ta-da! Happy Mother’s Day!