How-To: Fabric Marker-Striped Clutch

It seems like every time I check out some of my favorite blogs, I see this J Crew candy-striped clutch pictured or included in a must-have roundup. I don’t blame them! It’s a great size and the colors are so much fun. However, at its original price of $98, it wasn’t an accessory I was picking up any time soon. You can pick up the bag now for $68, but if you don’t have a big budget for purses this summer, check out how I made my own, inspired by the original. With just some fabric markers and the love to color, you can make this easy-to-create striped clutch, too.

Plain, white cotton-covered clutch (I found this vintage clutch on Etsy)
Painter’s tape
Fabric markers (I used this colorful set from Tulip)

Start out by marking your stripe area on your bag. Tape from the front to the back with one continuous piece. Work by keeping the tape on the roll – you want to make sure you have enough tape to reposition your marks.

Press the tape onto the bag so that a bond has been made between the cotton and the tape. Stagger your stripes however you like and have fun mixing bigger stripes and skinnier stripes.

Use whichever colors you like to create your stripes. With these Tulip markers I started at the top of the bag on one side and colored my way down. I went back and added additional color if an area looked light or streaky.

When you’re done coloring, let the bag dry per your marker’s care instructions.

That’s it! Honestly, it’s so simple that you’ll be adding stripes to just about any blank surface in your closet. Ok, maybe not, but you get the picture.