Adventures in Pyrex: Halloween Pumpkins and a Vintage Score

It’s been a busy few days for my Pyrex collection! Last night my best friend, Christi, surprised me with a matching pumpkin Pyrex Halloween dish to my two bat bowls – HUZZAH! She finally found one at the Southfield Road Target. It’s funny how I could find the bat bowls and she couldn’t and I couldn’t find the pumpkin bowls but she could. Go figure! A great addition to the collection – and I’m not sneezing at the candy, either.

Next up is this vintage casserole dish I picked up at the annual “Vintage Collectibles” sale in Royal Oak. The women who run the sale always have a fantastic Pyrex offering, but when you’re like me and have a lot, you’re really more on the hunt for unique pieces. This was one of them.

The dish is lime green and the lattice pattern is the same color. I’ve never seen this one before and for $15, it was just the right amount for me to spend. They had some great Christmas pieces, but the average asking price was $40-$45 and that is WAY beyond my Pyrex budget. Something to keep an eye out for, though!