Our Handmade Wedding: The Crafts

We received our wedding photos not too long ago and have been spending a lot of time going through all of the great shots. (That’s something you don’t realize will take a LOT of time to enjoy!) Starting today, and for the next few days, I’m going to share my favorites from our wedding last December at The Henry Ford. During the wedding planning process I shared a few posts on the handmade things I’d been scheming. With all of our photos on deck, here’s what we saved for the big day in terms of crafts.

Wedding Gifts for the Gals: Glass Action! by Carey Gustafson
Carey and I brainstormed some different ways to show off my love of Michigan. We ended up with a glitzy stretch cuff for me with a glass Michigan on top. It was awesome and I received so many “Whoa!” remarks once folks saw it.

The bridesmaids received a home state pendant based on Carey’s popular Michigan necklaces. Even the non-Michigan gals got to show their hometown pride (Indiana, Texas, and Kentucky). I also made cosmetic bags and silkscreened tote bags for them.

The flower girls enjoyed red heart pendants.

Wedding Veil: Handmade
I took a wedding veil class last fall at Haberman Fabrics. I originally wanted to use my grandmother’s veil, but the local dry cleaner I took it to destroyed it in the cleaning process. Luckily I had this simple veil I made in class, so it did the trick at the last minute.

Activity Station – Letterpress Michigan Postcards: Perfect Laughter
Dennis and Christina Jacobs designed all of our wedding paper goods as well as the logo we used across the board. Toward the end of the reception Dennis was on hand showing guests how a letterpress machine works. I came up with this idea thanks to my time spent at Henry Ford Museum growing up. During the holidays you could print your own classic Santa postcard, so I wanted to do something similar.

Activity Station – LEGO To-Go Bar: Handmade
LEGO was a big part of the wedding, of course! Younger guests were allowed to fill a to-go box with their choice of rainbow-colored LEGO bricks. We found candy jars from The Container Store and used bricks from the Pick-a-Brick wall at our local LEGO store.

Our other kid-friendly activity station was a LEGO free-build area and coloring spot.

Family Friend Flower Bouquets: Handmade
For our family friends that walked down the aisle before the ceremony started, the moms and daughters were given winter white flowers tied with a ripped piece of cranberry Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman.

Cupcake Display Stand: Handmade
Nick and I designed the tree and he brought it to life over at Tech Shop. The tree is actually two flat pieces that interlock with shelves that fill in the middle.

Wedding Favors: Handmade
Our unofficial theme for the wedding was “Say Yes: to Michigan” based on our state’s tourism slogan from the 1980s. I had the stamps custom designed by two Etsy artists. The “MICHIGAN” stamp was designed by Ann-Marie Loves Paper and the “SAY YES TO” stamp was designed by Tiffany and Kenny.

The Moleskin kraft notebooks were stamped and placed into a cellophane bag with handmade confetti (by yours truly and a variety of Martha Stewart craft punches), a “SAY YES: TO MICHIGAN” embossed pencil we had made, and a note thanking our guests.

And, of course, our young guests received a LEGO minifigure along with a Weinermobile weinie whistle from the museum.

Place cards: Handmade
Our place card blanks were purchased from Paper Source in Birmingham. I printed labels with the guest’s name and their menu selection. Every label read “Good choice!” after their dinner entree, no matter the meal. The labels were given a washi tape accent.

(Photo by Rachel Hobson)

Craft Cocktail Bar: Handmade, The Henry Ford
I’m biased because I work here, but The Henry Ford is pretty great. As a cocktail blogger, Nick was so passionate about having a one-of-a-kind drink station. Nick worked with our director of food services, catering managers, and event planning staff to create the best bar for our guests – and they adored it. We even had a special non-alcoholic drink for our pregnant and/or new-mom friends.

I made drink station signs using Paper Source table tent blanks and washi tape. The cocktail flags were made with four different kinds of washi tape and coffee stirrers.

As a crafter, it was a huge priority for me to have as much DIY components as possible. If you’re thinking of a crafty wedding, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. There are so many little details that come into play when you try to do it all yourself, as you can see in this photo of Nick and Russ setting up the wedding just a few hours before it started.

Check out my Handmade Weddings category to see more of the items I made over the past year.t

All photos by Bobby Alcott Photograpy. Feel free to share, but please include a link back to this post as well as Bobby’s website.