Product Review: Jumbo Wonder Clips

For all the sewers out there, do you use Wonder Clips? Do you love them? I adore them and don’t know what I did before them. Dramatic, I know, but they’re a must-have product in my craft studio. I didn’t think Wonder Clips could have an awesome cousin, but they do – Jumbo Wonder Clips.

I reached out to the folks at Clover and asked if I could try a package of the new clips to review and they were kind enough to oblige.

The clips are, of course, significantly larger than the standard size clips. The back of each clip is marked with inch marks in 1/4″ increments. This is great for keeping a precise seam with sewing.

So far I’ve been using my clips in my binding needs for my quilts. It’s been great. The larger size helps me grip several layers, especially when thicker batting is used. And paired with the standard size clips? A binding assistance powerhouse.

This past weekend, the clips were a lifesaver when I put some older batting, much thicker than I care to use, in a table topper I made. The clips helped keep all the layers securely together as I couldn’t trim the excess outer fabrics.

While reading about the clips on Clover’s website, they showed a picture of the clip being used to hold documents while hanging from a small hook. This is a great idea, especially in craft rooms. Some of the smaller Command hooks would be just the right size to hang the Jumbo clips.

Would I buy additional Jumbo Wonder clips? Totally. They’ve got a variety of uses in and out of the craft room that you probably can’t have enough.