Eames-Inspired Summer Stripe Table Runner

If you enjoyed my Eames-inspired summer stripe tablecloth, here’s a fun table runner you can make to match. I had enough scrap Colonies Solids fabric left over that this size (almost 60″ in length) worked perfectly for me. You can customize your runner to the size of your table – just keep adding fabric! Once you’ve cut your fabric the assembly couldn’t be easier. Pour a glass of wine, put in a DVD and get ready to make a fast table runner.

Cutting Guide – All pieces are 40″ in length

  • Purple and Orange: 5″ wide
  • Yellow and Green: 3″ wide
  • Red: 1.25″

Sew your long pieces of fabric together with a 1/4″ seam. Alternate ends when sewing together to keep the long pieces straighter.

Once your long pieces are put together, add a green rectangle (18″ wide and 10″ tall) to either end.

Pair a coordinating piece of backing fabric to the piece, cut to size. Sew wrong sides together, turn out, and top stitch close. Add additional top stitching as you like. I stitched in the ditch for each long bar of color.

Easy, eh?