Thrifting Road Trips: Michigan’s Yard Sale Trail

Last month my friends and I hit the road for the 11th annual Yard Sale Trail around Michigan’s thumb. For two-and-a-half days we hit up garage sales, visited some amazing towns in Michigan and had many, many good times.

We started out the weekend with an overnight in Caseville. It just happened to be the annual CheeseBurger in Caseville Festival that weekend, so we were able to get a sneak peek at that! We stayed at the Sunset Bay Resort that evening and got a refresher course on how NOT to start a fire on the beaches of Lake Huron.

We started out that Saturday bright and early in Port Austin with a farmers market, church rummage sale and good diner food. From there it was a few hours on the road, stopping wherever we saw interesting sale signs, promises of a bathroom (!) and local watering holes. While the sale’s main route is along M-25/29, you need to pay close attention for signs that lead you to neighborhood or community sales off the beaten path. We definitely saw tables pulled up to the side of the road, but often times the best sales were a few miles beyond that, like the gems we found in Forestville. An off-the-road antique store presented amazing finds for everyone on the trip.

Along our way we stumbled upon a vintage camper and car show in Harbor Beach. Our friends love vintage campers, so we had a great time exploring the amazing vehicles on display.

It didn’t take long for us to finish the first full day of thrifting. We stayed the night in Marysville and went out on the town in Port Huron. A visit to the Vintage Tavern in Port Huron, along with a wine flight for myself and Shelli, didn’t hurt, either.

Up early and ready for one last day of garage sale magic on Sunday, thanks to a visit to Tim Horton’s, we first headed for Saint Clair and then Marine City. By this point we were able to find some antique stores, so added that into the mix as we took our time winding down the trail trip.

We wrapped up the day with a visit to Clay’s community garage sale, just in time for us all to pick up a few things before hitting the road back to Royal Oak.

What was surprising about the trip was how quickly it went. It seemed daunting, at first, the idea of non-stop garage sales around one part of your state. But paired with friends, an ’80s soundtrack and secret drinks, the weekend was over before you knew it, unfortunately.

Ok, ok. So what the heck did I find? Take a look.

  1. Entertainment Tonight board game (1984)
  2. 1980s car visor
  3. Vintage wrapping paper packs
  4. Vera Flowering Branch Tablecloth (not vintage, but I’m a huge Vera fan)
  5. Blue swan planter
  6. Greenfield Village (!) 2006 Candy Cane
  7. Christmas crocheted table topper
  8. Hazel Atlas Cobalt Depression Glass Sailboat Ice Bucket
  9. Ice crusher
  10. Vintage cake decorations
  11. Florida orange toothpick holder
  12. Vintage craft decorations
  13. Two Holt Howard figurines
  14. Larger swan planter
  15. Skunk planter
  16. Santa S&P shakers
  17. Unicorn embroidery patterns
  18. Assorted cake decorations
  19. 1950s divided melamine bowl
  20. 1950s atomic ceramic platter

While it’s VERY hard to pick favorite finds from the trip, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Hazel Atlas ice bucket and Florida toothpick holder are near and dear to my heart. The orange is with me at work (I love his smile!) and the ice bucket resides on our new Steelcase coffee table.

If you’re a Michigander, or love great garage sales, make sure to keep the Yard Sale Trail in mind for August 2014. To see more from our trip, check out my Flickr set.