About Me

Hola. I’m Lish Dorset, and I’m a swell gal. I’m a crafter, quilter, craft writer, and craft lover. I’m 1/4 of Handmade Detroit and the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michigan’s first indie craft fair. Hopefully you’ve checked it out in the past and look forward to it every year!

For the past three years I wrote for Craft Magazine. There are some talented folks contributing content for that blog, so I’m very honored to have been part of the team. From Dr. Who crafts to Flashdance-themed instructional videos, we have a ton of craft loveliness happening on our site. I also contribute to Metro Parent Magazine. If you have a lil’ crafter in your house, you need to check out my monthly craft feature as well as weekly blog posts on Make It.

In 2012 I had the awesome honor of being the featured guest crafter on the Martha Stewart Show. It was such an awesome opportunity. She’s my crafty icon!

I adore quilting, especially modern quilting. Don’t you?

Once upon a time I was a reporter and news designer. In case you haven’t heard, not too many people read newspapers these days, so I made the jump to social media and digital public relations. (Turns out everyone reads Facebook.) Now I’m the social media manager for The Henry Ford. It’s a dream job and I love going to work every morning.

What else do you need to know about me? I’m a lifelong Michigander and a metro Detroit resident. I’m newly wed to Nick Drinks and am a proud cat mom to Ronnie.

Oh. I like Wham! in a non-ironic way. They don’t write songs like “Careless Whisper” anymore, do they. I’m also obsessed with Ray-Bans (I have awful vision) and Swatch watches.

If you’d like to chat, drop me a line (lish.dorset@gmail.com) or leave me a comment. I love to review projects and am always on the hunt for new ideas and opportunities.

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