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Inspired By… Wright & Co.


This month Nick and I had the pleasure of attending a preview seating for the opening of Wright & Co., a new restaurant located in the historic Wright Kay building in downtown Detroit. The building itself is magnificent to look at, but Wright & Co. is even more spectacular inside. While the food and drinks were outstanding, the crafter in me couldn’t help but look all around the space finding inspiration and beautiful decor wherever I looked. (more…)

What’s New in the Craft Studio


After a great birthday and some fantastic sales at some well-known craft stores, I’ve added some great new craft tools to my studio’s arsenal. Take a look. (more…)

We All Scream for Uber Ice Cream


It’s a bit of a joke that our local ice cream truck has a slightly creepy vibe to it. The people who run it are wonderful, but the ice cream mix tape they play has definitely worn out and ranks high on the “oh my…” creepy scale. Luckily Uber Detroit was here to save the day last Friday with ice cream on demand.


As part of the celebration of National Ice Cream Day, Uber had on-demand ice cream available in markets across the country. Luckily Detroit was one of them and even luckier Royal Oak was on the list for local delivery. I waited and waited and waited hoping that the ice cream delivery would be available in Royal Oak. It took a while as the service was super popular, but eventually a shiny red car pulled up in our driveway with a cooler full of delicious Treat Dreams ice cream.

Not much of a crafty update, but an awesome update nonetheless.

Etsy + Whole Foods’ Ingredients for Creativity


I’m kicking myself right now. How am I just finding out about Etsy and Whole Foods’ Ingredients for Creativity project?! I happened upon it last night while visiting the Troy Whole Foods to pick up some goodies for my mom’s birthday. While at the checkout I saw a fantastic reusable grocery tote. I picked up the smaller size, loaded my cupcakes, champagne and whole wheat bread (it’s ok to laugh) into it and headed out. (more…)

Paper Source Workshop: Geometric Decor

Paper Source Geometric Decor

Earlier this spring I missed the Crafter’s Night Out: Geometric Decor at Paper Source as I was at SNAP! My crafty cohorts went and had a blast, making me feel even sadder for not being there. As luck would have it, Paper Source Birmingham offered an encore of the class last night and I had a spot at the table this time around.

What I was really looking forward to was the mix of making cards AND art. Paper Source has been changing up the workshops with more non-card options, and that’s great. (more…)

How-To: Upcyled Succulent Planter


Did you see June’s Make It project in Metro Parent magazine? It’s got a succulent angle! Check out Make It to learn how to turn a detergent package container into a retro-looking planter this weekend.

Photo Recap: Snap Conference Day 1

Snap Conference Handmade Business Cards

I’m off to my very first Snap Conference this week and I can’t week. I went to five BlogHers in a row (not counting the smaller regional events) – this is my first bloggy conference in four years. After a less-than-impressed reaction to BlogHer 2010, I gave up on conferences, to be honest. That tune changed quickly once I saw all the great chatter coming out of Alt Summit. And then Quilt Con. And then Snap. So I decided to change my tune and I’m glad I did.

A big part of crafty conferences is having a crafty business card. Holding out as long as I could waiting for a good idea, I finally came up with mine Easter weekend (of course). I decided on making a stamped business card with a stamp carved by Jenny Barnett Rohrs (of Craft Test Dummies fame) and designed by Jason Gibner. The card is paired with a bit of snail mail love inside. I made two mini envelopes using Paper Source’s #1 baby envelope template paired with some favorite Paper Source wrapping paper (slate pine branch) of mine. I cut card stock down to business card-size notes to match with the envelopes, added two poppy 1.25″ round circle labels and put the whole thing together in an A6 cellophane bag.

I love how they turned out. Hopefully folks will tuck a love note into a lunch or wallet once they return home from Snap! If you see me there, ask for one!

Lish Dorset, Succulent Plant Newbie

Hello. My name is Lish and I kill plants. Not on purpose. I’m just a terrible, terrible gardener and plant owner. There. I said it.

Ok, ok, so that’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Friends and family know that my thumbs are anything but green. I have the best intentions but I’ve been known to kill the healthiest of ferns in a matter of days. I want to be a good plant owner. Honestly, I do! I’m hoping that succulents can change all that.

Two weekends ago Nick and I went to New York to see Saturday Night Live (!). We did a bit of shopping the afternoon before the show and found ourselves at the Kate Spade Saturday store on Spring Street. The store was full of beautiful green plants that made me instantly jealous. I could do this, dammit!

In a wonderful twist of fate, a gift-with-purchase that day was a small succulent from The Sill. The yellow pot was so bright and lovely. I carried it carefully from New York City back to Detroit and decided it was time to become a successful succulent owner.

Full of succulent confidence it was off to Eastern Market to pick out some plants. There are so many to choose from the Saturday market vendors! It was hard to not go too overboard.

A trip to Home Depot for some pots and soil and it was time for planting. Here’s my current lineup. I love they way they look and how they add some much-needed greenery to our home.

For folks who do have lovely green thumbs, what kind of tips do you have for me?

Oh Joy! Arrives at Target

This past Sunday was the day many crafters, design lovers and, well, excited shoppers had been waiting for – graphic designer and blogger Joy Cho’s Oh Joy! party accessory line launched at Targets nationwide. Joy first shared the news last month and our mouths have been watering ever since.

I stopped by my local Target over by the museum after work last night and it was just the dose of party-approved Vitamin D I needed. It’s hard to miss as you make your way into the store; so many pastels! So many vintage-inspired shades of aqua, pink and green!

Joy’s collection is 75% paper party goods and 25% reusable serving pieces. I love that there’s something for just about every budget. If you have just a few extra bucks to pick up something for an impromptu gathering, her paint-splashed paper plates and matching napkins are for you. The aqua cake stand with dome, a must-purchase piece, takes honors as the collection’s most expensive item at $25.

What did I purchase? Just a few pieces on my first visit, but I’m going back for more. I’m happy to give a home to the:

The collection is available for just a short time, so don’t miss it! Follow along with design ideas over on Pinterest and with #ohjoyfortarget.