General DIY

MADE Floral + Willys Detroit


I’d like to think I’m not so bad at flower arranging these days thanks to a recent workshop at Willys Detroit with local floral designer Martha DeFlorio of MADE Floral.

I saw Willys post about the class on their Instagram account last month and was instantly intrigued. I worked at flower stores in high school and liked to “think” I had a good eye for a centerpiece, but knew I needed a lot of help. That’s where Martha luckily came in. (more…)

Inspired By… Wright & Co.


This month Nick and I had the pleasure of attending a preview seating for the opening of Wright & Co., a new restaurant located in the historic Wright Kay building in downtown Detroit. The building itself is magnificent to look at, but Wright & Co. is even more spectacular inside. While the food and drinks were outstanding, the crafter in me couldn’t help but look all around the space finding inspiration and beautiful decor wherever I looked. (more…)

We All Scream for Uber Ice Cream


It’s a bit of a joke that our local ice cream truck has a slightly creepy vibe to it. The people who run it are wonderful, but the ice cream mix tape they play has definitely worn out and ranks high on the “oh my…” creepy scale. Luckily Uber Detroit was here to save the day last Friday with ice cream on demand.


As part of the celebration of National Ice Cream Day, Uber had on-demand ice cream available in markets across the country. Luckily Detroit was one of them and even luckier Royal Oak was on the list for local delivery. I waited and waited and waited hoping that the ice cream delivery would be available in Royal Oak. It took a while as the service was super popular, but eventually a shiny red car pulled up in our driveway with a cooler full of delicious Treat Dreams ice cream.

Not much of a crafty update, but an awesome update nonetheless.

Etsy + Whole Foods’ Ingredients for Creativity


I’m kicking myself right now. How am I just finding out about Etsy and Whole Foods’ Ingredients for Creativity project?! I happened upon it last night while visiting the Troy Whole Foods to pick up some goodies for my mom’s birthday. While at the checkout I saw a fantastic reusable grocery tote. I picked up the smaller size, loaded my cupcakes, champagne and whole wheat bread (it’s ok to laugh) into it and headed out. (more…)

Paper Source Workshop: Geometric Decor

Paper Source Geometric Decor

Earlier this spring I missed the Crafter’s Night Out: Geometric Decor at Paper Source as I was at SNAP! My crafty cohorts went and had a blast, making me feel even sadder for not being there. As luck would have it, Paper Source Birmingham offered an encore of the class last night and I had a spot at the table this time around.

What I was really looking forward to was the mix of making cards AND art. Paper Source has been changing up the workshops with more non-card options, and that’s great. (more…)