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New Year, New Plants


23695985513_ec9e4efdf3_oThe holiday decorations are put away, you’ve given your home a good clean, and your resolutions for 2016 include developing a green thumb. Not bad! Now what?! If you’re hoping to bring more plants into your life, try a simple house plant. From succulents to ferns, it doesn’t take much get started.

Earlier this month Shelli and I made just in time to Pick Me Up, a house plant pop-up hosted by pot & box and held at The Peacock Room. Word spread quickly about the sale because by the time we arrived at lunch, the show was on its way to being sold out. Luckily there were other great vendors there selling botanical-themed items to keep everyone happy. I picked up this new arrangement, pictured above, from pot & box to kick off a new year of planting.

Curious about succulents and house plants? As someone who has a pale-green thumb, here are a few of my tips:

  • Find a place in your house with a good dose of sunlight that your plants can call home (all based on their individual needs, of course.) Some succulents don’t like spending half the year outside and then half the year in, so keep that in mind when selecting a new plant to call yours.
  • Succulents are low maintenance, but they do NEED maintenance. (I’m looking at you, air plant owners. Give that plant some water!) Your plant will tell you whats wrong simply by looking at it. Shriveled leaves means it needs more water. Changing colors could mean there is too much, or not enough, light. Dots or strange marks could be a source of infestation.
  • Enjoy watching them evolve. A well-cared for plant will thrive in your home and grow right before your eyes!

Here are a few of my favorite plant books that have helped me learn more about house plants:

  • The Plant Recipe Book
  • Succulents Simplified
  • DIY Succulents
  • Hardy Succulents
  • cactus

    24296505956_aeb38b0122_oStill a bit worried about that whole “green thumb” thing? Not to worry, you can still enjoy a delightful house plant. But instead of the kind that require water, may I suggest the kind that require yarn? Crocheted succulents are one of my favorite handmade goods to pick up, as I can take them to my office and not worry about them and I know my cat won’t try to eat them (that happens a lot at our house). I added this cute new cactus to my collection thanks to the Pick Me Up sale.

    If you’re feeling confident that you can give a good home to a crocheted plant, I’ve put together this Etsy Treasury, pictured above, of a few of my favorite cactus finds that don’t require, well, ANY care! They’re a sure bet!

The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook


One of my crafty goals is to be able to create attractive hand-lettered goods, whether they be a greeting card or a holiday place card. Luckily for me, Bethany Robertson is here to help.

The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook (Ulysses Press, $16.95) takes you through the basics of creating whimsical lettering with a floral twist. Part how-to, part doodle space, this small book is a great primer for those interested in expanding their writing talents. (more…)

Madewell’s Hometown Heroes


I’m a Madewell fan. I happily attended their Detroit offering of their Hometown Heroes pop-up offerings. In metro Detroit our local Madewell store hosted Genna Cowsert’s Detroit Card Company for a holiday-themed shopping opportunity. Supporting local isn’t a new concept for Madewell – it’s part of their mission.

Take a look at our local event and search for #EveryDayMadewell on Instagram to see the rest of this year’s artists featured across the country.




Holiday Swags with Pot & Box


If “Professional Crafty Workshop Attendee” were a career path, I’d hop on it. Whenever my schedule allows I love to take classes and workshops from the talented makers here in Detroit and craft-loving companies across the metro area. Last week I found myself in Hamtramck for pot & box‘s Juniper and Air Plant Swag workshop. For a few hours we came together to learn how to create a rustic swag with just enough glitzy accents to make it holiday ready. (more…)

Metro Detroit 2015 Holiday Craft Fair Roundup

#DUCF2015 was a big hit. Which craft fair will you be visiting next?

#DUCF2015 was a big hit. Which craft fair will you be visiting next?

The holidays are here and that means one lovely thing – it’s holiday craft fair season! Craft fairs across the country are ready to offer you a variety of wonderfully crafted goods for everyone on your holiday gift lists. Here in southeastern Michigan we’ve got a LOT to choose from. If you haven’t received your Facebook invitation yet, here are some of the fairs that I’ll be keeping my eyes on in the coming weeks.

Looking to make the most of this upcoming busy craft fair weekend? Hop on the Detroit Shopping Shuffle and leave the driving to the professionals!

Weekend of December 11
Dec. 11: Holiday Makers Market Sneak Peak – Detroit
Dec. 12: TechShop Detroit Presents: Holiday Maker Mart
Dec. 12: Handcrafted Holiday Market – Across Detroit (including the Makers Market)
Dec 12: 2015 Holiday Makers Market – Detroit
Dec. 12-13: Merry Market – Detroit
Dec. 12-13: DIYpsi Holiday Market – Ypsilanti
Dec. 13: Eastern Market Holiday Market – Detroit

Weekend of December 17
Dec. 17: Flip Holiday Pop-Up Shop – Ferndale
Dec. 19-20: The Lodge: A Cozy Drinking + Shopping Excursion – Detroit

There are also a lot of great workshop opportunities taking place this month. Take a look at:
Dec. 8: Paper Source’s Gift Wrap Workshop – Birmingham

Dec. 8, 10 & 17: Pot & Box’s Holiday Wreath Workshops – Detroit and Ann Arbor
Dec. 13: Signal-Return and Germack’s Coffee Roasting Letterpress workshop – Detroit