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Hanging Out at the Bracelet Bar




Once again, Willys Detroit knocked it out of the park with their workshop offerings. Last summer I found myself enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon in the store making minimalist bracelets and necklaces with artist Debbie Carlos and her Bracelet Bar. Debbie provided everything we needed to make these striking, simple pieces. The workshop was perfect for both beginners and experienced jewelry makers as it was a great refresher in the fundamentals of construction. Debbie’s approach is to focus on just a few beads rather than a large, chunky accessory. The pieces I made that day tended to focus on one standout bead paired with 1-2 other smaller findings.

If you’re not following Willys on Instagram, make sure to add this to-do to your task list. They share workshop and store news there each week.

Take a Coloring Break with Wendy Piersall’s “Coloring Flower Mandalas”


Grown-ups, when was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a brand new coloring book? Apparently not that long ago as sales of “adult” coloring books have been skyrocketing this year. Coloring books are showing up on The New York Times‘ Best Sellers’ lists as well as remaining in the top 10 for Amazon sales. In a given day when most of us spend more time staring at a screen than we do at the great outdoors, it’s not that surprising to see so many of us reaching for a pack of colored pencils and a coloring page as a way to relax. (more…)

A Summer Dedicated to Peonies

No matter where I went this summer, there was a gorgeous peony to look at, even at work.

No matter where I went this summer, there was a gorgeous peony to look at, even at work.

This summer my flower of choice was the peony. The fascination all started with a Pot & Box workshop, held in conjunction with Parsonage Events, at Willys Detroit. I’ve loved taking workshops at Willys this year and they always have a lot of interesting options to choose from every few months. When this particular workshop was offered as a way to look at arranging flowers with a focus on the peony, I was hooked. (more…)

Painting and Sipping with Scratchpad Cellars and Plutonium Paint


I love lots of things. A delicious glass of wine and the chance to craft are very high on that list of loved things. So you can imagine how excited I was when the teams at Scratchpad Cellars and Plutonium Paint asked me if I’d like to try my hand at creating my own one-of-a-kind wine label with spray paint. (Obviously, I said yes.) Here’s a little background on each company. (more…)

Crafty Review: Rowenta Pro Master


After coming back from QuiltCon last month one of the tools I knew I needed to really think about back in my craft room is my iron. I run my irons really hard, from pressing quilts to my husband ironing shirt after shirt for a work trip. Unfortunately I’ve not found an iron that has been strong enough to last a long time in my craft studio. Until now, thanks to Rowenta.


The Rowenta Pro Master has been a powerhouse in my craft studio recently. I received an iron to try from Rowenta out and I was blown away but what a quality, well-made iron could do for my sewing projects. What really grabbed my attention? Take a look.


The water funnel to the iron is capped closed and has a longer channel to keep the water from running out while filling it. Once the maximum water level has been reached the top is closed so that the water can’t spill out. Irons leaking water has been one of my biggest pet peeves in the craft studio; I won’t have to worry about that with the Rowenta Pro Master.


The iron is heavy, but not in a bad way. It feels sturdy and rugged, making it almost impossible to accidentally tip over while quickly ironing. The weight of the iron’s body helps create easier ironing from start to finish. Even fat quarters that have been folded in my stash for a long time release their wrinkles thanks to the force and even-distribution soleplate of this iron.



See the rounded point? It’s perfect for ironing smaller opens, corners and other precision-needed components. I’ve been making a lot of the Hour Baskets leading up to Easter and this new iron has been perfect for making sure the boxed corners are pressed and crisp.

I’ve been contemplating several irons recently, from cordless models to irons that can be rested horizontally as opposed to on its heel. I’ excited to say that my search is over. I’m sticking with the Rowenta Pro Master as my go-to iron in my craft studio; you may want to, too.

Looking for some crafty inspiration? Check out Rowenta’s video, featuring craft guru Lotta Jansdotter, on how to make a patchwork coaster from a few years back.

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