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Painting and Sipping with Scratchpad Cellars and Plutonium Paint


I love lots of things. A delicious glass of wine and the chance to craft are very high on that list of loved things. So you can imagine how excited I was when the teams at Scratchpad Cellars and Plutonium Paint asked me if I’d like to try my hand at creating my own one-of-a-kind wine label with spray paint. (Obviously, I said yes.) Here’s a little background on each company.


Giving a bottle of wine is always a welcomed gift, but it’s sometimes difficult to personalize. You can definitely add a handmade tag or a note saying why the selected wine was picked for the recipient, but that tends to be it. Scratchpad had changed that thanks to their ready-for-decorating labels. The cream-colored labels simply list the wine you’re drinking… and that’s it. The rest of the label is a blank canvas for you to create your next work of art. A small pencil comes with the bottle for you and a friend to decorate with while sipping, or you can take it to the next DIY level and put your own craft supplies, like Plutonium Paint, to work.

Speaking of Plutonium, I’m very excited to report that this paint is made right here in Detroit. With 40 colors to choose from (including some excellent names), the paints offer softer pigments than those found in other brands of spray paints. The caps are interchangeable, giving you a lot of freedom to create just the right, precise application. For this project I picked colors Manko, Vegas, Aloha, Stealth, Polar and Third Place Metallic (I LOVE that name!).

Nick and I decided to take two very different approaches to decorating our bottles: I wanted just my label to be painted while he wanted to see the whole bottle covered. Here’s how we did it.


Ok, ok. My masking technique definitely looks wonky, but it did the trick in keeping my bottle paint free. I cut off the closure of a plastic storage bag and wrapped it around the neck of the bottle as flat as possible. Painters tape helps create a protective seal around the bag. I taped off an area I wanted to decorate on the label and covered the rest of the bottle with more painters tape. Once that was set it was time to paint.


Using one color at a time I did quick passes with the Plutonium Paint onto the Scratchpad label of my bottle of Chardonnay. I worked from my lightest colors to the darkest. Some had just the quick sprays, other colors got a second or two longer. Once I had added all my colors I took the bottle inside to dry.


Nick wanted a highly abstract, all-over look to his bottle, so he set the Pinot Noir into our improvised spray booth and made long passes with the paint, starting from the top and angling down.


As you can see, both of our bottles turned out so different from one another! I love them both.


Once my paint was dry to the touch I peeled off the painters tape – it was perfect for this type of masking as it didn’t hurt the label at all. I love how my design looks almost like a precious stone. It’s pretty impressive in person.


Nick’s design is also looks great. There are small, exposed areas on the label that he didn’t paint that I can see adding more designs to, like small doodles or someone’s name.

Our bottles are currently in our wine fridge chilling in anticipation of this evening’s happy hour at home. If you’re curious to learn more about Scratchpad Cellars and Plutonium Paint, take a look at them across their social channels:

How-To: Fall Harvest Vase Wraps


It’s officially fall in Michigan and I’m trying to enjoy every second of this always-short season here in the Mitten State for as long as I can. There’s lots of plaids to wear, warm tea to sip and beautiful plant colors to gaze upon.

If you’re in the mood for more harvest hues in your home, you can add a simple canvas-denim-shirting wrap to any plain vase for a quick fall upgrade. This wrap is easy to sew; add it to your own vase for a harvest centerpiece or use it wrap around a bunch of flowers at the end of a dinner party to send home with guests. (more…)

Happy Birthday, Cat


Ronnie celebrated her ninth birthday last week and, yes, I made her a present. And got her some cat treats. And even made her wear an Oh Joy! for Target mini party hat.

Hi. My name is Lish. And I’m a cat lady.


Jokes aside, it was great being able to celebrate another birthday for Ronnie after her heart disease diagnosis this year. She loves sleeping on a mini quilt I made on one of our chairs, so I made her a larger chair with some of my favorite Birch Fabrics’ Circa 50 scraps I’d had in my stash for the past few years.


…as you can see, the quilt was a hit. Happy birthday, Ronnie.

MADE Floral + Willys Detroit


I’d like to think I’m not so bad at flower arranging these days thanks to a recent workshop at Willys Detroit with local floral designer Martha DeFlorio of MADE Floral.

I saw Willys post about the class on their Instagram account last month and was instantly intrigued. I worked at flower stores in high school and liked to “think” I had a good eye for a centerpiece, but knew I needed a lot of help. That’s where Martha luckily came in. (more…)

Fun on the Fourth


The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Selfishly my birthday is two days after, but I love wearing red, white and blue; decorating anything I can get my hands on with stars; enjoying local parades; sitting back and taking in some fireworks as patriotic marches set the soundtrack.

We tend to host family and friends for a barbecue on the Fourth the past few years and this year was no different. While our menu wasn’t as grand as it had been due to our deck renovation project, we still had a great time. (more…)