Holiday Crafting

Fun on the Fourth


The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Selfishly my birthday is two days after, but I love wearing red, white and blue; decorating anything I can get my hands on with stars; enjoying local parades; sitting back and taking in some fireworks as patriotic marches set the soundtrack.

We tend to host family and friends for a barbecue on the Fourth the past few years and this year was no different. While our menu wasn’t as grand as it had been due to our deck renovation project, we still had a great time. (more…)

Washi Tape Fourth of July Card


The Fourth of July is just a few days away; seriously?! The holiday snuck up on me, so I found myself scrambling to make my flag-friendly greeting cards for my family last week after work. I had an idea after staring at my washi tape stash that turned into a cute card that was easy to make in large quantities. If you’re like me and want to surprise someone with a card for the Fourth, give this a try. (more…)

Paper Source’s Fresh Folds Workshop

Paper Source's Fresh Folds Workshop Cards

Last month my crafty cohorts headed over to Paper Source Birmingham and took their Fresh Folds workshop. Featuring some of Paper Source’s new colors (coral and royal blue), the cards taught more advanced paper-folding techniques than offered in previous workshops. Once we saw the cards on display in the store we were hooked, yet slightly nervous as they seemed a bit complicated to make.

Paper Source's Fresh Folds Workshop Cards

Luckily for us our awesome Paper Source team was one step ahead. Many of the small pieces had been prepped ahead of time for us, but we still learned about the techniques used and could try them on our own with extra supplies. It was definitely the way to go; I don’t know how we would have made all of our cards otherwise!

Paper Source's Fresh Folds Workshop Cards

Hands down our favorite card was the origami-inspired flower card. The larger square card is worthy of framing in my opinion (and probably the reason why I haven’t sent it yet).

Paper Source's Fresh Folds Workshop Cards

Another favorite? The folded chevron card. What a cool idea! Again, this is a card where the coral and royal blue work so, so well together. The black-check specialty paper we used added an additional source of color and pattern, too.

Paper Source's Fresh Folds Workshop Cards

The pop-up card was perhaps the most challenging out of the cards and, honestly, not my favorite. It’s a bit bulky when closed and you worry you might rip some of the flowers when opening up. I like the idea, but this time around it wasn’t for me.

My takeaway from this class? Pair coral and royal blue together more often. Take a look at Paper Source’s blog to see how they presented the fresh folds ideas in other paper crafting methods. In the mood to try a class? You can still sign up for the Mini Succulent Garden workshop happening on May 10. As a new succulent owner myself, I’m already signed up. (Obviously.)

Canvas Table Runners Three Ways

A few of the Handmade Detroit gals got together last week to each make our own canvas table runner as part of Meijer’s National Craft Month project. (As you may remember I took part in the challenge on my own, too, making St. Patrick’s Day beer bottle gift tags.) You can check out our Handmade Detroit blog to see what we did and how we were inspired. As an added bonus, if you’re looking to do some crafting in honor of this month’s crafty holiday, we’ve got a Meijer deal for you! Use the mPerks digital coupon code “c4tb8d” to receive 20% off your craft purchase now through April 1.

Non-St.Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner

It’s a new month and time for a new table runner. I’ve been trying to use my fabric stash for my quilting projects this year and this project definitely did just that! I used the green family from Malka Dubrawsky’s “A Stitch in Color” line from a few years back (it feels like it just came out!). I love the line and purchased a fat eighths bundle of it that’s been gracing my stash shelves for a while now.

For this project I ended up using all the green-ish colorways from my bundle. (more…)


Project: St. Patrick’s Day Bottle Tags

March brings several holidays to us: St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring (!) and, of course National Craft Month. No matter what type of crafting you like to do, this month is for you, crafty pal!

Meijer reached out to me to see if I was interested in taking a trip to the craft aisles within my local Meijer and come up with a project in honor of National Craft Month. It didn’t take me long to say yes!

I’ll admit that when I go grocery shopping at Meijer, I take a trip through the craft aisle. I started doing this a few years back when I realized that Meijer carried Martha Stewart craft supplies that were the same price, if not a little bit less expensive, than some of the other craft stores. The craft aisle is especially handy when you’re working on a late-night project and you’ve run out of something like essential like, oh I don’t know, GLUE…

From jewelry making needs to kid-friendly projects and all-things adhesive, there’s a lot to choose from. (more…)

Bullseye Valentine Cards

Continuing my theme of “I think they’ve all opened their Valentines by now…” here’s this year’s handmade Valentine’s Day card from yours truly. I love how this card turned out, but I really love how I had an idea one night for the card that took some revisions before finally being craft worthy.

This was the rough, rough draft of my Valentine’s Day card. Not so great, eh? But I liked the concept of an arrow hitting a bullseye, so I didn’t give up on it.

Color revisions, some arrow washi tape and adding 3D foam squares totally changed the look and feel of the card. We had a winner, folks.

What kind of Valentines did you make this year?

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts 2014

Well, now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone I can share photos of the Valentine’s Day gifts I made for family and friends! It was a good season for crafting; I’m sad to see it go, but now thoughts turn to shamrocks and leprechauns…

“Write Me Love Letters” Note Set

For my family, I created a set of stamped flat notecards. The Paper Source 4 Bar note cards in mint were wrapped with MT washi tape on the back and around each side. I made a plain white note card front for the cards and stamped a Paper Source medium solid heart in the lower corner using Stampin’ Up’s Calypso Coral stamp pad.

Each set of notecards was wrapped together with ribbon and paired with a “Write Me Love Letters” pencil from Amanda Catherine Designs.

Mini Love Notes

For some of the members of my team at work, I made a set of mini love notes using Paper Source’s baby envelope template paired with their business cards for quick notes.

For presentation, I turned each note set, complete with sticker seals, into a ready-made gift pack.