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Canvas Table Runners Three Ways

A few of the Handmade Detroit gals got together last week to each make our own canvas table runner as part of Meijer’s National Craft Month project. (As you may remember I took part in the challenge on my own, too, making St. Patrick’s Day beer bottle gift tags.) You can check out our Handmade Detroit blog to see what we did and how we were inspired. As an added bonus, if you’re looking to do some crafting in honor of this month’s crafty holiday, we’ve got a Meijer deal for you! Use the mPerks digital coupon code “c4tb8d” to receive 20% off your craft purchase now through April 1.

Non-St.Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner

It’s a new month and time for a new table runner. I’ve been trying to use my fabric stash for my quilting projects this year and this project definitely did just that! I used the green family from Malka Dubrawsky’s “A Stitch in Color” line from a few years back (it feels like it just came out!). I love the line and purchased a fat eighths bundle of it that’s been gracing my stash shelves for a while now.

For this project I ended up using all the green-ish colorways from my bundle. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Handmade Card Swap

…aaaaand the final Valentine’s Day post! Here’s the results of this year’s handmade Valentine’s Day card swap. Not bad! Check back soon for the St. Patrick’s Day signup!

Project: St. Patrick’s Day Bottle Tags

March brings several holidays to us: St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring (!) and, of course National Craft Month. No matter what type of crafting you like to do, this month is for you, crafty pal!

Meijer reached out to me to see if I was interested in taking a trip to the craft aisles within my local Meijer and come up with a project in honor of National Craft Month. It didn’t take me long to say yes!

I’ll admit that when I go grocery shopping at Meijer, I take a trip through the craft aisle. I started doing this a few years back when I realized that Meijer carried Martha Stewart craft supplies that were the same price, if not a little bit less expensive, than some of the other craft stores. The craft aisle is especially handy when you’re working on a late-night project and you’ve run out of something like essential like, oh I don’t know, GLUE…

From jewelry making needs to kid-friendly projects and all-things adhesive, there’s a lot to choose from. (more…)

Bullseye Valentine Cards

Continuing my theme of “I think they’ve all opened their Valentines by now…” here’s this year’s handmade Valentine’s Day card from yours truly. I love how this card turned out, but I really love how I had an idea one night for the card that took some revisions before finally being craft worthy.

This was the rough, rough draft of my Valentine’s Day card. Not so great, eh? But I liked the concept of an arrow hitting a bullseye, so I didn’t give up on it.

Color revisions, some arrow washi tape and adding 3D foam squares totally changed the look and feel of the card. We had a winner, folks.

What kind of Valentines did you make this year?

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts 2014

Well, now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone I can share photos of the Valentine’s Day gifts I made for family and friends! It was a good season for crafting; I’m sad to see it go, but now thoughts turn to shamrocks and leprechauns…

“Write Me Love Letters” Note Set

For my family, I created a set of stamped flat notecards. The Paper Source 4 Bar note cards in mint were wrapped with MT washi tape on the back and around each side. I made a plain white note card front for the cards and stamped a Paper Source medium solid heart in the lower corner using Stampin’ Up’s Calypso Coral stamp pad.

Each set of notecards was wrapped together with ribbon and paired with a “Write Me Love Letters” pencil from Amanda Catherine Designs.

Mini Love Notes

For some of the members of my team at work, I made a set of mini love notes using Paper Source’s baby envelope template paired with their business cards for quick notes.

For presentation, I turned each note set, complete with sticker seals, into a ready-made gift pack.

Stampin’ Up’s January Paper Pumpkin

My January installment of Paper Pumpkin arrived this week and I was happy to sit down and put the cards together the other night. With a love theme just in time for Valentine’s Day, the kit arrived with a few new love-themed stamps and many stickers of the same variety. Paper doilies, a Valentine staple, were included this time around, too.

With this set I’m having a really hard time keeping the cards from popping wide open (they’re flat-ish right now because I’ve stacked books on top of them for 24 hours). The stickers have more a chipboard feel, so they’re not adhering so well to the cards. In all honesty, not my favorite kit so far.

Paper Source’s Crafters’ Night Out – Valentine’s Day

Last week my crafty crew and I headed over to Birmingham for another edition of Crafters’ Night Out at Paper Source. This time it was a Valentine’s Day edition and the place was packed.

As we do with most Crafters’ Nights Out, we made several cards representing different card-making techniques. This year the cards focused on more colors and textures as opposed to an image or theme (hedgehog, anyone?!) at last year’s event. I loved this approach and loved our finished cards.

My big to-do craft takeaway from this Crafters’ Night Out is using my Xyron Creative Station to turn any size shape into a giant, awesome sticker. I definitely use it for smaller cut-outs, but when we turned this paper heart into a sticker and added some mega glitter to it, my crafty mind was blown.

The crafty crew also appreciated the simplicity of some of this year’s cards – not a bad thing! Our washi tape card looked amazing and the ombre heart card was a lot of fun to put together. Both eye-popping cards that are relatively quick to make if you needed to make a few in one big batch.

The color trend at Paper Source right now is a combination of coral-mint-navy. When I saw the colors together I was impressed with how well they stand out. We made a card with a primarily coral color scheme and it looks great. Two colors of Stickles didn’t hurt, either.

After our Paper Source Night Out ended, it was back to my craft studio to continue the crafting. And dancing. And snack consuming!

Another great Valentine’s event at Paper Source. Nicely done, gang!

Valentines for a Good Cause

Handmade Valentines

Last week Etsy put out a call for handmade and/or vintage Valentines to hand out to Meals on Wheels recipients in New York City this Valentine’s Day. I thought that was a fantastic idea, so I used a day off from work to take some time to craft and hopefully brighten many days for folks on the East Coast.

The finished cards combine colorful MT red and hot pink washi tape with this chalkboard Valentine’s Day stamp from Paper Source. My Prima Press stamped my signature, paired with a heart. I made more than a dozen and they left for New York City a few days ago.

Handmade Valentine cards

Etsy is accepting Valentines until Feb. 3. Check out their blog post for all the details.

Clothespin Card Wreath

Martha Stewart's Clothespin Wreath

During after-Christmas sales at Crate and Barrel, I spotted this ornament chandelier hanging behind their cash registers. I was immediately intrigued – just think of all the greeting cards you could hang from it! But upon closer inspection, the all-metal chandelier looked flimsy and not all that well put together. I passed on the chandelier, but kept my eyes open for another solution.

Over at Target I saw a wreath, similar to this one, that was advertised as a card display wreath. But this one was worse than the Crate and Barrel option. It was barely painted and seemed like a major waste of $10. It was officially time to consult the Internet for a solution.

It’s not surprising that the project I went with was from Martha Stewart. It’s pretty simple – the inner hoop from an embroidery hoop is paired with wooden clothespins. Her crafters kept it natural, but I decided to give mine a coat of paint and add these canvas and red miniature clothespins from Paper Source. Alternating the clothespin openings allows you to get the maximum amount of display space in this easy-to-make wreath. The instructions said to use wood glue, but as I didn’t have any and wasn’t in the mood to leave my craft room, I used a strong epoxy I had. I also used a smaller ribbon for hanging, this daffodil stitched grosgrain from Stampin’ Up, instead of a fluffier satin ribbon.

Martha Stewart's Clothespin Wreath

I love how the wreath turned out. From start to finish it didn’t take all that long to make and was definitely inexpensive when it came to gathering supplies; I’d say the assembly time was stretched out for an hour or so due to drying time for the paint, glue, etc. If you wanted, you could make holiday-themed wreaths to display that season’s cards, too.

My wreath is hanging on my craft room door. Now I just need some more mail to add to it!