Paper Crafting

Workshop Revisited: DIY Bangles


My jewelry collection received an awesome fine-paper upgrade thanks to Paper Source. Team Birmingham offered a workshop on transforming a set of wood bangle bracelets into unique, paper-covered accessories.


I was so surprised (and impressed) by how quickly these bracelets come together. Working with Paper Source’s fine papers, we wrapped our bangles with the gorgeous fibers and applied a liberal, liberal coating of PVA to the pieces to keep it all together. I’ve never used PVA as a Mod Podge-like sealant before, but after this workshop, I won’t use anything else.



We had the chance to also experiment with washi tape and paints, but I fell in love so much with the papers that I dedicated my entire set to them.


Since class I’ve made paper bangles for my family members as Mother’s Day gifts – they’re a perfect way to give something handmade that can be used every day.

If you’re curious about more bangle decorating ideas, make sure to check out Paper Source’s blog to see how you can turn old calendar pages into new bracelet decor.

Sign Up for #SnailMail

It’s that time – time to #Write_On! April is just around the corner and that means fellow #Write_On participants are taking the challenge to send a piece of handwritten snail every day for a month. I’m signed up for the challenge once again, so that’s where you come in! If you’d like to receive a piece of mail from in April, simply share your information with me above. No strings attached, just a bit of snail mail magic in your mailbox from me to you.

Support #Write_On 2016


WriteOnSlide-145Last year I joined the #Write_On challenge for the first time and fell in love with it right away. Hosted by Egg Press and Hello! Lucky, snail mail lovers may sign up for a letterpress card pack in exchange for promising to send a handwritten piece of mail every day during the month of April. I’m proud to say that I passed the challenge with flying colors. I even shared some of my favorite card hoarding tips over on DIY Network.

We’re less than a month away from the 2016 challenge. This year the organizers are hoping to make 10,000 kits available to eager mail lovers, but they need our help. For just a small donation you can help make more kits available to challenge participants. Head over to Write_On’s Indiegogo page to learn more and to see all of the AMAZING perks available in exchange for your generous donation.

The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook


One of my crafty goals is to be able to create attractive hand-lettered goods, whether they be a greeting card or a holiday place card. Luckily for me, Bethany Robertson is here to help.

The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook (Ulysses Press, $16.95) takes you through the basics of creating whimsical lettering with a floral twist. Part how-to, part doodle space, this small book is a great primer for those interested in expanding their writing talents. (more…)