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Non-St.Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner

It’s a new month and time for a new table runner. I’ve been trying to use my fabric stash for my quilting projects this year and this project definitely did just that! I used the green family from Malka Dubrawsky’s “A Stitch in Color” line from a few years back (it feels like it just came out!). I love the line and purchased a fat eighths bundle of it that’s been gracing my stash shelves for a while now.

For this project I ended up using all the green-ish colorways from my bundle. (more…)

Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake Challenge

Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Fabric Challenge

It’s finished! And just in time, too! Yesterday I made and affixed the binding to my entry for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake Fabric Challenge. We’ve had several months to work on our projects, so it’s a lot of fun to not only admire my own work, but the creative work of other guild members as well.

Back in October of last year, I received my challenge fabrics from the guild on behalf of Riley Blake Designs. As the challenge stated, I could create anything with the fabrics so long as the finished product was quilted. I didn’t have to use them all and I could actually add other Riley Blake fabrics into my design. I knew I wanted to make a lap quilt as we started to redecorate our living room; the mix of fun prints and striking solids sent to me would work well with our modern-themed decor.

I purposely didn’t have a big plan in mind for this quilt, other than wanting to make some log cabin-esque blocks and wanting to use all of the fabric sent to me. I really wanted to let my imagination rule as I started working with the fabrics; it didn’t take long to find my style and make a collection of blocks for the top.

From the Riley Blake Basics category, I added in a chartreuse-like solid for the body of the top. It worked really well with the blocks and the brightness was so attractive in the middle of winter.

Quilting was a geometric pattern. The backing and binding were made with the additional matching tone-on-tone aqua chevron fabric paired with leftover chartreuse. (Both additional fabrics were purchased at Guildcrafters in Berkley.)

I love the way all the pieces came together. The colors and patterns are perfect together. The orange and yellow prints we received? That needs to be a whole quilt on its own!

Here’s my official entry. Thanks, Modern Quilt Guild! Thanks, Riley Blake! I wonder what challenge will be coming our way next?!

Valentine’s Day Table Runner

Earlier in January I picked up this Deb Strain mini charm pack, as well as some coordinating fat quarters, from Guildcrafters in Berkley. Thanks to the horrendous, never-ending polar vortex here in the Midwest, I’ve been able to get a lot of crafty projects accomplished (silver lining to this awful weather, I guess?). My 2014 Valentine’s Day table runner was one of them.

I assembled the rows by hue; the pack worked out to have light pink, dark pink, white/multi and red color families to pair up. To fill in holes in the rows and add borders to the runner, I used a few strips from a Moda Marbles jelly roll I had in my stash.

For the back I used the new fat quarter I picked up from the “Surrounded by Love” collection paired with some past Moda-curated fabric from my stash.

Attaching the binding to the runner was done quickly thanks to not being able to leave the house for fear of frostbite…

The runner is out on the table and already put to good use!

Valentine Quilting on the Brain

As I was taking down Christmas decorations the other day, I felt a bit blue about another holiday season already on the books. The house was back to everyday order and even ::gasp:: pretty damn tidy. But then I started checking in on my Feedly and started seeing all sorts of great Valentine crafting ideas, like this post from Cosmo Cricket. And then I realized that the stores have switched from red and green to red and pink. Christmas may be gone, but another one of my favorite holidays is on the horizon – Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day quilts… Is anyone out there making one? I think it’s time for a cute mini quilt, and thanks to this mini charm pack of “Surrounded by Love” from Deb Strain for Moda, I think I’ve got the makings of something cute.

Holiday WIP: Christmas Surprise Quilt

This quilt is a surprise for someone this holiday season…! It’s now back from the quilter and waiting to have its binding added. This quilt was quick to piece and features some of my favorite fabric companies, like Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman, Moda and Windham.

Briar Rose Lap Quilt

Yes! Quilts I took to the quilter this summer have returned to me and are getting the binding treatment. Now, I can’t show all of them just yet as some are slated for Christmas goodies (!), but here’s one that is so colorful and full of intricate pattern designs to stare at. Meet my Briar Rose lap quilt. A collection from Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics, I received a charm pack of this line to play around with. As soon as it arrived I put it to good use.

For the blocks, I simply framed each charmer log cabin style. For some prints that had an especially fun or whimsical focus print, I cut them into smaller squares and made the frame much bigger. When I pieced them together, I just grabbed and sewed. It was nice not having a plan for this and just seeing what came together.

For the solids in the quilt, I pulled from my stash. The back was also made with stash fabric.

My wonderful quilter Karen quilted this for me. This lap-size quilt would have been right up my alley to quilt myself, but I was curious to see what Karen would do with my only direction of “whimsical.” I like it! Lots of leafs, curly Qs and variegated rainbow thread.

And, of course, Ronnie wanted the finished quilt to be hers as soon as I was done documenting it. Not happening, kiddo. This quilt will most likely go to a new home!

Breaking Bad Finale Snacks and Quilts

After binge watching all five seasons of “Breaking Bad” in a matter of months, Nick and I were caught up for most of the past season and definitely ready for the finale. I’m so glad we were caught up – it was awesome watching it live and chatting with friends and co-workers about our favorite moments.

To celebrate the evening, I decided to make a last-minute tiny Heisenberg quilt along with some fake meth-inspired cupcakes to enjoy while watching. (more…)

Crafty Travels: American Sewing Expo in Novi

While it’s not far away from home, I’m off to the first day of the American Sewing Expo in Novi today bright and early. I’ll be covering the event for some recount reports, but make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for as-they-happen updates if you’re DYING to know.

I spent yesterday at the expo for a pre-event workshop checking out the Serger 911 class with Kathy Ruddy. I don’t use a serger very often, but I feel like I definitely got a good education and have a lot more to learn.

When I got home from my workshop last night I decided I needed a new handmade bag to take to the expo tomorrow. I picked up some of Riley Blake’s “Gracie Girl” collection as well as a Robert Kaufman Kona solid and voila! A new tote I designed on the fly was born. I don’t make bags very often, let alone line or interface them, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

If you’re heading out to the expo, perhaps I’ll see you there!

Eames-Inspired Summer Stripe Table Runner

If you enjoyed my Eames-inspired summer stripe tablecloth, here’s a fun table runner you can make to match. I had enough scrap Colonies Solids fabric left over that this size (almost 60″ in length) worked perfectly for me. You can customize your runner to the size of your table – just keep adding fabric! Once you’ve cut your fabric the assembly couldn’t be easier. Pour a glass of wine, put in a DVD and get ready to make a fast table runner.

Cutting Guide – All pieces are 40″ in length

  • Purple and Orange: 5″ wide
  • Yellow and Green: 3″ wide
  • Red: 1.25″

Sew your long pieces of fabric together with a 1/4″ seam. Alternate ends when sewing together to keep the long pieces straighter.

Once your long pieces are put together, add a green rectangle (18″ wide and 10″ tall) to either end.

Pair a coordinating piece of backing fabric to the piece, cut to size. Sew wrong sides together, turn out, and top stitch close. Add additional top stitching as you like. I stitched in the ditch for each long bar of color.

Easy, eh?

Eames-Inspired Summer Striped Tablecloth

I’m a huge Ray and Charles Eames fan. Working at a museum I’m lucky to have a bit of Eames in my work day more times than not. Ray herself loved color. She contributed a lot of the color and style direction to the Eames duo. Watching the Eames’ collection of films, you’ll see how important color was to their design approach.

When challenged with creating a project around Windham Fabrics’ Colonies Solids by Nancy Gere, my mind went immediately to Ray and Charles. While the collection is described as being great for “any historic or traditional project and be amazed how well it coordinate with the many projects on which you’re about to embark,” the bold, solid colors made me think of the same powerful palette of Ray and a simple, pleasing approach for today’s entertaining needs. (more…)